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If your goal in learning Spanish is to become more fluent and confident when communicating, we have the right class for you! 

Our approach to teaching languages is an input-based systematic instruction of vocabulary in a way that is comprehensible and contextualized. It is a practical method similar to how you learned your native language.

There has never been a better time to learn Spanish!

Saddleback Community Education (BASE Program)

Session 1   (8 weeks)

August 29 – October 27 Skip Days: 9/5, 9/12-9/15

Session 2   (7 weeks)

November 7 – January 19  Skip Days: 11/21-11/25, 12/19-01/6, 01/16

Session 3   (8 weeks)

January 23 – March 23  Skip Days: 02/20-02/24

Session 4   (8 weeks)

March 27 – May 25  Skip Dates: 04/03-04/07

-Children After School Classes

City of Newport Beach (ACE Program)

-Children After School Classes

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Children in Classroom
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