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Conversa was founded by two Spanish teachers that have seen, first hand, the benefits of bilingualism and who believe that foreign language acquisition offers immeasurable opportunities for the long term.


We strive to instill a love for languages in students by teaching in a fun, active, and natural way. Conversa teaches Spanish using a method called Comprehensible Input (CI)/Total Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS). Students learn to converse in Spanish and often begin making sentences after a few lessons. We introduce our students to Hispanic cultures and traditions through music, games, and crafts. All teachers are native or near-native speakers of Spanish and also communicate clearly in English.


We also aim to raise the bar in Spanish-language education through our commitment to high-quality and effective programs that are rooted in professionalism, consistency, and dependability. Our program ensures that all communication in the classroom is 100% comprehensible and we believe that everyone has the capacity to learn a foreign language.


Conversa created its own curriculum and the student workbooks are a combination of textbook and workbook.  They are designed to introduce students to the most essential structures (nouns, verbs, short sentences) in Spanish allowing them to communicate in Spanish almost immediately. Gradually, through interconnected activities, students progress in a logical way to more common structures that govern how Spanish is spoken and written. The structures are introduced based on how often they are used in everyday Spanish.


There are so many reasons to learn a new language. Speaking a second language enriches you as a person; it makes you understand your own language on a level you wouldn't appreciate otherwise, and it opens the door to a new culture and new experiences. Speaking a foreign language can make you stand out as an applicant for a job, or it may even help you get a promotion. A language may be a part of your family background, or it may be part of the background of your spouse or partner's family. Children who learn languages develop invaluable skills that will carry them far in school and life.


As the world shrinks, it's more and more important to be able to reach out to people across borders and oceans. And language is, above everything else, a lot of fun. What are your hobbies or interests? Whether you like cuisine, film, wine, travel, literature, technology, philanthropy, history, or fashion, language is a part of it all. With so many reasons, the question is not "Why should I give my child or myself the opportunity to learn a foreign language." It’s, “Why shouldn't you?"

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Cecilia Hierro
Owner / CFO

Ana Laura Alfaro
Owner / CEO

Anabel Rodriguez
Teacher /
Program Manager

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