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Our Curriculum

The teachers' guides and workbooks have been developed to allow the flow of creativity of the student. The themes of the stories have been created to grab the student attention so they can use the grammatical structures to add comments about the story, increase discussion in class, create their own stories and ultimately use those structures to communicate on daily basis. 

Our approach is to work on a natural transition through repetition and reading strategies in a manner that will help the student acquire the target language the same way they learned their first one. Nevertheless repetition and reading are an important piece of the puzzle students need a variety of activities and strategies that our books provide including music and games. The order of the vocabulary and tenses are designed to help the student learn better the concepts. We suggest to the teacher to include all the content of these materials throughout the school year, but should not feel limited to this curriculum. Teacher's creativity is not only welcome but expected.


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Lower Elementary Books

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Upper Elementary Books

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Middle School Books

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