"El pingüino que habla pingüino" Teacher's Guide includes 13 lesson plans designed for 60-minute classes. Teachers can adjust the content of the lessons according to the allotted class time. This guide contains a complete section on how to use the TPRS method (Total Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), class lessons, and a section on suggested homework assignments. 


Each lesson contains the following:


  • The class objective
  • Suggested materials to bring to class
  • Grammatical structures to perform TPR (Total Physical Response)
  • Suggested gestures to perform TPR
  • Personalized questions and answers sections (PQA)
  • Personalized mini situations (PMS)
  • Engaging activities/games to review structures
  • Extra vocabulary
  • Four reading lessons
  • A craft lesson involving a soccer player


The appendix contains a list of games that can be used with the vocabulary being taught.

El Pingüino que habla pingüino, Teacher's guide